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TRACK NN CIC is a social enterprise formed in Northamptonshire during 2018 with Cafe Track opening fully in 2019. 


We are supporting autistic people to access employment through training, support services and creating opportunities. Since opening Cafe Track in January 2019, we have supported over 125 people into paid work, and over 200 people into work experience placements


A recent report from the National Autistic Society showed just 16% of autistic adults are in full time employment. This is something which cannot continue.


We are working with businesses to ensure their workplaces are accessible to autistic people, we provide training to ensure that colleagues are aware of autism and making sure that any barriers to employment are removed.


Training Session
Cafe Track on the Historic Market Square

Our Story

TRACK NN was formed in April 2018, with a simple of aim of supporting autistic people to access employment. Nationally just 16% of autistic adults find themselves in full time employment, this is something which cannot continue.

In its early days TRACK was focussing on building links with local business and organisations in Northamptonshire and beyond, many of whom are now Friends of Track. We do not want organisations to employ autistic people because it is a nice thing to do, we believe the individuals we work with will add value to the businesses they work for, and we have now seen this work in practice.


Cafe Track opened in January 2019 in the heart or Northampton, the Market Square.  This was designed to be a workplace where individuals could develop their employability skills, and also be a place where people are free to be themselves. We play an active role in the Northampton Town Centre community and work alongside other local organisations to maximise our impact.


Since opening Cafe Track in January 2019 we have supported over 125 people into paid employment, and many more into work placements and experience visits. This is across a range of industry, and with each person the feedback from employers has been positive.  

We have been featured on local and national media (a selection of which you can see hereincluding Radio Northampton, Anglia News, Northampton Chronicle and Echo and All Things Business

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