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Supporting engagement between SEND schools and Employers

This page contains a variety of resources for schools to use, for students and staff. We would love to hear what you would like us to add to the page, so please do let us know.




3 in 30 Minutes – 10 Minute Introduction to Careers videos across a range of different areas


Supported Internships – What are they? Where can I find out more? 

Workplace Guides – A chance to take a look inside different workplaces 


Work Experience – What are the benefits? What did people do? Hear from students at Slated Row about their experiences

3 in 30 Minutes 

Supported Internships

Supported Internships are a great way for individuals to access employment. But what are they? What benefits do they bring and how do I get involved?


Use the resources below to Help you 



Introduction to Supported Internships – An interview with Ali Campbell about Supported Internships and the way in which they can benefit individuals and businesses. 

Shaw Trust Video – Hear from Abdel and Mel about the opportunities at Billing Garden Centre with the Shaw Trust 


Guide – A written guide to share with individuals or businesses about supported internships and the benefits they bring to all involved. 

Workplace Guides

We are looking to add as many guides as possible to this section to allow students an opportunity to see inside a workplace. Please feel free to share links with us and we will add the to the resources link below



Walk Around ACS – A chance to see what it is like when signing up for a recruitment agency. This video is filmed at ACS Recruitment in Northampton


Wincanton Guide – A photo guide to working at Wincanton (Sainsburys) in Northampton

Resource List - please share your videos with us and we will add them to this list. 

Work Experience and Placements

We would love to share you success stories. From the students or the businesses which they have been working with. We will also be sharing links to external provides and new exciting opportunities around Virtual Work Experience

Slated Row Student Experiences - Hear from the students at Slated Row about their work placements and how it made a difference to them

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