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Community of Practice - Together

Supporting engagement between SEND schools and Employers

We know that every engagement a student has with an employer increases their chances of being in employment or training when they reach 18. During 2020 and 2021 we wanted to hear from a range of people involved in this. A 3 part series entitled “Employment and Education– A Different Perspective” was filmed, and we share this with you below. This short video gives a flavour of the discussion we had, and the full discussions can be found below

Part 1 – The Employers Perspective – Featuring Phil (Spokes Education), Ben (All Things Business), Chris (ACS Recruitment) and Charlotte (University of Northampton



Part 2 – The Education Perspective – Featuring Matt (Nene Education Trust), Richard (Business Data Group/ Enterprise Advisor), Kevin (Creating Tomorrow Trust), Stacey (Daventry Hill School) 



Part 3 – Celebrating Successes of Working Together – Featuring Christy (Wincanton), Laura (RS Components, Deb (SEMLEP) and Tom (TRACK)  


We would love you to join the discussion, and to work with us to help create opportunities for individuals to access employment. For further details please email

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