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People can be reluctant to talk about Autism. We believe that the only way to move things forward is to raise awareness of the range of talents which people have.

We offer personalised training packages to meet your specific needs. From an initial meeting where we will establish current strengths and areas for development, through to a bespoke session which will link specifically to your business, and then on-going post training support to ensure you can maximise the effectiveness of our training.

We offer courses in a range of areas

  • An introduction to Autism 

  • Autism in the workplace - An Employers Guide

  • Autism in the workplace - A guide for colleagues

  • Recruitment and the Autism Spectrum

  • Autism and the sensory environment

  • Autism Ambassadors - your own workplace champions

These courses run alongside our support services, which allow us to work in partnership, to ensure your workplace can benefit from a range of skills.

To discuss how we can work with you please email or call 07545354265

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