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Training and Support Services

Our services 

We believe preparation is key to successful employment; ensuring employees feel safe in and enjoy their work, whilst employers get the best out of their team for a productive workplace. On this page you can find out more about the range of training and support services which we offer including:

  • Training - a range of bespoke training courses to ensure your workplace is aware and accepting of autism

  • Support Services - From a workplace audit, through to recruitment and selection process and policy

  • Creating Opportunities - supporting placements at your business which can benefit all involved.

  • Mentoring - 1-2-1 support for employees and employers


Why work with us?

  • We are the local specialist on supporting autistic people into the workplace and have a track record of successful employment placements. 

  • You will gain access to a pool of talented and skilled individuals and with our support retain those individuals for a happy and productive workforce.

  • We will promote your business through social media publicity of your support for Track NN; providing excellent marketing coverage for your company. 

  • You will become part of a local network of Autism-friendly workplaces, making positive change to support diversity in the workplace. 

  • Connecting your company with a socially-conscious organisation builds your brand and customer loyalty. 

To discuss your personalised package contact  

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