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Virtual Cafe Track

As a Café we pride ourselves on playing an important role as part of the local community (alongside many other local businesses and organisations), and during this difficult time we would like to support our team members, customers and local community…but virtually.


Social Distancing rules state that we cannot meet or speak in person. But we can do so using technology – this could be a phone call/video call or messaging service at an allocated time on a 1-2-1 basis initially.


Would you like to make use of this facility? As with everything we do we will personalise this service as much as possible to meet your needs. This might be a 10 minute call twice a week to check in? Or it may be a longer meeting on a less regular basis. 


Whilst our focus has been on supporting people to access employment, this service is focussed on a much wider well-being service and helping to support individuals and their families. 


Email or text 07545354265 

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