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Virtual Coffee Afternoon #StayAtHomeSaveLives

We are going to be hosting a Virtual Coffee Afternoon (IN YOUR OWN HOME!) in support of World Autism Awareness Day. We will be sharing fun educational resources with you throughout the week in the build-up to the event (which you can complete in your home-school). All we ask from you is to join in, which could include; sharing photos, creating posters and sharing key messages to help us raise awareness of Autism and Employment. 


Currently just 16% of autistic adults are in full time employment. This is something which cannot continue, and TRACKNN is working with individuals and businesses to change this.


We had planned to host this event at our Café Track in Northamptonshire, that may be closed to us, but it has instead opened the World with your help!


What you need to do!


You will host a ‘coffee party’ in your own house! Only people from your household can attend (#SocialDistancing #StayAtHomeSaveLives). Then between Midday and 2pm on Thursday 2ndApril we want you to share your posters, photos and messages across Social Media to ensure we can help to raise awareness and acceptance (we will provide you with creative ideas for this!)


If you would like to support us financially to help us keep supporting autistic people to access employment, you can do so by purchasing a Virtual Coffee at the following website. This will help Café Track to keep providing placements for people to develop their employability skills in a supportive environment. Click here to buy your Virtual Coffee


To sign up please email we will email you the resources you will need for your household by 5pm On Thursday 26thMarch 


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - @cafetrackNN @TrackNNltd

Facebook events page here


If you are a business owner and would like us to provide training for your staff, we are running 60 minute online training sessions throughout April, book your place here:


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