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Launch Week

CAFÉ TRACK will open on Monday 17th December at 8.30am. For our first week we are operating our launch menu, which can be found at You will see we have a full colour menu, and also one with a plain background. The foods are the same, but by presenting these differently it may be more accessible for some people.

We want to meet the needs of our customers and look forward to receiving your feedback about ways in which we could do this. This could be menu options, or changes which we can make to our environment.

Our Building, 18 Market Square is believed to be the 3rd oldest building in Northampton, and in some ways this limits some of the changes we can make, but also provides us with lots of history to embrace.  Downstairs we have managed to create an area for people who may wish to spend some time away from the Café upstairs. Whilst this isn’t a sensory area as such we wanted to demonstrate the ways in which businesses can make use of their existing space to allow more people to access their business.

We will be producing a video guide and sensory guide to the CAFÉ, and to ensure this is correct we want to learn during our first week of opening about when we are at our busiest so we can let people know. One thing is for sure, we look forward to working with your to creating a Café which we can be very proud of.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Many Thanks

Tom and the team @CAFETRACKNN

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