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MasterChef...What can we Learn?

I wrote a post on LinkedIn about MasterChef. Something which I have rarely watched before, but have found myself watching more TV with my wife in the last two weeks, and this is something which she really enjoys.

It is #WorldAutismAwarenessWeek and I think there is a lot we can learn from MasterChef

Things I have learnt during the last 2 weeks about MasterChef

That MasterChef has a curse related to Fondant. I didn’t even know this was a thing a month ago!

Many people do not seem to follow the instructions, and then blame a curse! From what I have seen people don’t seem to want to follow instructions, or the instructions they are given are not clear. In the workplace, clarity of instructions is key. Does this happen in your workplace? The benefits of having clear instructions apply to everyone, so if you don’t do this, why not?

If a manager asks a fashion designer “Please can you design some new ideas for a shirt?”. What does this mean? Should the designer do 1,2,3 or 376 ideas? We can support you with this.

Things I have questioned…

Why Does MasterChef have a round which tests people’s ability to cook with things they don’t know?

Would they do this in their day-to-day job?

I do not see how this tests people’s ability to be a MasterChef? Surely a MasterChef is someone who perfects their art and can then repeat this. A one-off test of cooking with ingredients people are not familiar with? Is it truly a measure of someone’s ability?

We need to ask ourselves; do we do this in traditional job interviews? Is there a better way? Yes! We like to look at alternatives which we will do in future blog posts

So what do we do next?

At the moment we are all taking one day at a time, but we want to share with you the benefits of re-thinking “The way we do things around here” and how you can benefit from a diverse workforce

No Sales pitch, just a few ideas for you to consider. I have another episode to watch.

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