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What does the NN stand for? A new vision for Northampton

A picture of Northampton town centre

I am a positive believer that we should always question why we do things in certain ways and looking at ways in which we can improve or change the way in which things are done. The NN part of our name represents Northamptonshire, and I am proud to have been born in the town, and I want Northamptonshire to lead the way in creating opportunities for autistic people to access employment.

This may seem like a bold statement, but is one which I believe in. Over the last few months we have met with many businesses across the County willing to listen to the small steps which they can take to make their workplace aware and more importantly accepting of autism. We are very clear that we want to change the environment and not the individuals. I have also met a wide range of individuals who possess a breadth of different skills, all of whom want to work! Different types of work, different preferred hours and environments but most importantly that desire to work.

Northampton Town Centre itself is going through a significant period in its history. I recently attending an event run by the Park Inn Northampton run by the Northampton BID, and was encouraged by the positivity in the room and the desire to create change, and look for a new way of doing things. One huge part of this for me is the new University of Northampton Campus, which is based in the town centre. Monday saw the market square full of young people signing up to different University Societies and the atmosphere was fantastic.

If you are a new student, a very warm welcome to Northampton! We hope you enjoy your time here, and make sure you take all of the opportunities available to you. On Thursday afternoon I attended an event at the new campus looking at ways in which a variety of organisations across the town support and work together to help a range of people. The positivity in the room, was once again of a desire to do things differently and make things work.

It is now less than two weeks till our event at The PTS Academy Staidum Northampton, and you can still book your tickets here

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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