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Thank You from Track NN

So, after weeks of build up, I sit here after our first event…tired, happy and most importantly hugely optimistic and energised about the way in which business and organisations from Northamptonshire and beyond are wanting to discover a new way of doing things.

This week’s blog is very short, and next week I hope to reflect more on the event and share some of the feedback we received.

But I wanted to say thank you to a number of people

Jonathan – For a fantastic personal insight into his experiences, the impact which a diagnosis has had on him and delivering it brilliantly

Chris – thank you for your presentation, we look forward to working in partnership with you, and creating lots of opportunities.

Each and every person who attended, your support is hugely appreciated! We will be reviewing your feedback and working to ensure the next event is even better

Ben, Lucie, Amy and the team at All Things Business for their support in promoting, supporting and raising awareness before, during and after the event

Claire, Paul, Jason – for their support, organisation and facilities at the stadium during the event

Everyone who shares out posts on social media, or who tells their friends, colleagues and employers about what TRACK is working towards.

We look forward to organising and hosting many future events.

We believe that with small changes the workplace can become so much more accessible to people who want to work. From my experience the majority of autistic people do not want charity, they want opportunity. Work with us to help a create spectrum of opportunities which will benefit all of those involved.

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