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TRACK Update: We Want Your Thoughts

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So what have we been up to recently? And how can you help us?

Unfortunately, this week, I have struggled with a sore throat and generally not feeling great, but that hasn’t stopped us from meeting lots of people and organisations, and hopefully creating a range of opportunities.

We had a great meeting about a website and ensuring that it is accessible to people with a diverse range of needs. We will share more details about this in the forthcoming weeks, but it will involve some of our mentees being able to test and report on the accessibility of the website and ensuring that it is suitable for as many people as possible. Do you have views about what makes an accessible website? Please share your views with us.

Since starting TRACK we have met with many local business, organisations and individuals in Northampton and this week it has been great to find out more about what a range of these do. These involve small local businesses through to those who trade internationally across a wide range of industries. Would you like to find out more about what we do and how we could work together? Then please contact us directly and we can arrange to meet to look at ways of supporting individuals and your business/organisation.

There are lots of exciting opportunities around Northampton at the moment, and we have been meeting with Northampton Town Football Club Community Trust, and Northampton Saints to find out more about what they offer and ways in which we can work together to ensure these are accessible to autistic individuals. We also have the opportunity to help shape our own qualifications and courses, which is very exciting. What courses/activities would you like to see made available?

On Thursday we were invited to attend the First Mental Health and Neurodiversity Employment Support event at Milton Keynes Job Centre Plus. We were able to meet staff and explain about the work which we do, and also meet some individuals who are actively seeking employment. We are looking to match up these people with organisations we have been working with, helping not only the individual to access employment, but also the business to achieve their goals.

We have also been to visit our new Café, to find out more about how the machinery in their works (pizza ovens and coffee machines), and we will hopefully (very) soon have details about our location and opening date! What would you like to see us serve, and what features would you like to see us include in the café?

Although it is just at an ideas stage it is also very exciting to look at events we have planned for next year, both through our training and consultancy services and also at our Café. If you have ideas of things you would like to see us do, then please do let us know.

So that is just a quick outline of some of the things we have been doing over the last week or so. Please do get in touch and share your ideas with us. We are here to listen, and look at ways in which we can work together. Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions.

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