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Ambition? Skills? The Future?

I (Tom) had an amazing meeting last week with someone who is due to graduate from a prestigious University during 2020. It was a great conversation, and one where I learnt a lot. I think if you asked the 21 year old me what would I be doing in the future...It would not be what I am doing now.

Transition from University life to Working life can be incredibly difficult. As it was explained to me "it feels like the end of one way of life" For many this is the first time outside of full time education, and this must not be ignored. Pressures to be in a graduate role, and to find the "Right" job are incredibly challenging. Very little support is currently given to helping people adjust - the assumption seems to be - "If people can complete a degree, they can adapt to the 'world of work'"

What are these transferable skills that employers seek? Surely they don't want them to be too transferable otherwise people will leave? We believe that with small environmental changes, employers can benefit from a range of skilled individuals who can bring a fresh and unique perspective to their workplace.

We have supported several graduates into their first role and I am no doubt this individual will be a huge asset to whichever company they work for.

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